Senior Series II

“Coming into high school I had always heard stories from my brother and sister about their high school experiences and I imagined mine would be like theirs,” Megan Cannon starts. Over her four years as an OHS Red Devil, she has had several experiences, each year was something different for Cannon, but something that always […]

Senior Series I

As the year comes to an end some of the class of 2017, will be leaving letters and bits about themselves about their lives as Red Devils. Many will be speaking on the groups and clubs they did others on their participation with OHS. All will be about the impact OHS has had on their […]

Who We Are Wednesday

Name: Arianna Porter Age: 17 Grade: 11 1) What is your hidden talent? I draw. 2) Where in the United States where want to live and why? Washington because there’s a lot of stuff to do down there. 3) What are you Hobbies? Singing, reading, drawing, and writing. 4) If you were to win the […]

Make an Impact

by: Ann Lawton Watson (9), special to the Digital Devil   Are you a teenage girl who is  interested in impacting our community? If so, you should join the Impact 100: Next Generation organization. This organization focuses on serving the community around us and reaching out to others. Sara Hemingway, the President, and Mary Grace […]