Senior Series I

As the year comes to an end some of the class of 2017, will be leaving letters and bits about themselves about their lives as Red Devils. Many will be speaking on the groups and clubs they did others on their participation with OHS. All will be about the impact OHS has had on their lives. The first will be Miss Lily Hall.

Dear OHS,

My last few months at Owensboro High School have been a whirlwind. As a freshman, I remember walking through the back door on my first day too scared to even fist bump Mrs. Black. It took me a few days to get used to being in a high school setting, but I quickly realized that OHS was different from the TV shows and movies that portrayed high school as an intimidating and terrifying scene for freshmen.

As my time went on at OHS, I remember times where I thought high school would never end, but I also remember making some of the best memories of my life. For example, winning a state championship….. Looking at the other high schools in this area has made me realize that being a Red Devil means something more than being an Ace, Eagle, or Panther. I know that I’ll always have a family to come back to.

My senior year is coming to an end, it is suddenly registering in my mind that I won’t walk into Mrs. Johnson’s classroom every day and have the privilege of being able to talk to the friends I attended Sutton with. Everything is starting to change. While it seems alarming that I won’t be in Owensboro anymore, I know I will be fine in college. Don’t worry though, I’ll be back in town for some Friday night lights!

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Who We Are Wednesday

Name: Arianna Porter Age: 17 Grade: 11

1) What is your hidden talent?

I draw.
2) Where in the United States where want to live and why?

Washington because there’s a lot of stuff to do down there.
3) What are you Hobbies?

Singing, reading, drawing, and writing.
4) If you were to win the lottery, what’s the first thing you would buy?

My mom a new house.
5) Would you rather find true love or be given a million dollars?

A million dollars

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Make an Impact

by: Ann Lawton Watson (9), special to the Digital Devil


Are you a teenage girl who is  interested in impacting our community? If so, you should

join the Impact 100: Next Generation organization. This organization focuses on serving the

community around us and reaching out to others. Sara Hemingway, the President, and Mary

Grace Hemingway, the Co-chair, are the women behind this program. They believe every

teenage girl should be exposed to their community. By joining this organization, you will learn

essential life skills and know how to communicate well with others. “I feel like teens in general

have a lot to offer in our community. I wanted to create something that would inspire them to

get out in the community and become philanthropists,” says Hemingway.

The mother-daughter duo hopes that as many girls as possible get involved. They are

striving to get 50 girls involved in order to earn $5,000. They have not yet decided what they

are planning to do with the grant, but they are going to announce it this upcoming October.

Hemingway says she discovered the idea at a conference in Austin, Texas. She thought this

organization would be perfect to start in Owensboro. She then shared the idea with her

daughter and now the organization is starting to come alive.

Mary Grace Hemingway is planning some activities during the summer and sometimes

during the year. “We are going to hold a dinner, have movie night, take an art class, have a pool

party, do an escape room, play bunko, and anything we can partake in,” says Mary Grace

Hemingway. Over the course of this program, the girls will also learn how to read grant

applications. People should know how to read grant applications so they are aware of

community problems and learn the best uses for charitable dollars.

The Hemingway women have advertised the organization all over the community and at

all the local high schools. Starting soon, they will overlook the applications and contact the

teens to start holding meetings. Once they start holding meetings, they will discuss with the

women about all the scholarship opportunities within this organization. Both Sara and Mary

Grace Hemingway hope this organization lasts forever with momentum from the girls and

continuing support from the community and its mentors.

You are able to sign up on the website listed below. Hemingway wants every girl have a

chance to be involved and “give life” to the Owensboro community. Remember to always serve

your community as they do to you.

Visit the website below to sign up or learn more information.


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OHS Softball on the Come Up

by: Molly Hudson (9): special to the Digital Devil

Owensboro High School is rarely a sports underdog. For basketball and football, winning is no problem. Softball, on the other hand, has been rough, and most of the city residents knows that. Elysia Bartley, a student at OHS, stated that she has always heard about the Daviess County and Catholic softball teams being good, but never Owensboro. Sophomore Makayla Mckannan mentioned how her motivation for being better is that “she’s tired of people bringing up how ‘horrible’ the team has been.”

With a 1-20 record of wins to losses last season, the Owensboro High School Softball team has not been a very good team in the past, but this year, there is a lot of hope for the team. Transfers from Daviess County High School and Apollo High School, like sophomore Lea Hill, have transferred here almost entirely for softball, hoping to make the team better. Head varsity coach Bryan Smith says he is excited for the upcoming season.

“We practice hard and make adjustments to improve ourselves as player[s] and we come together and support each other,” says freshman transfer, Madyson Poole. The team practices every day except Sunday for at least two hours when it isn’t game day. So far, the varsity team has had a total of three games this season, winning one and losing two. Although it may be a rocky start now because of the fluctuating weather, every player and coach believes this will be the season of greatness for the team. Head freshman coach Norman Hill said, “The girls are going to play like they practice, and they really have been working hard. It’s almost like they want it more this year and they want to impress everyone, as they should.”

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RCP’s Latest Win: Peter and the Starcatcher

by Nolia Williams (9): special to the Digital Devil

On Thursday night, OHS’s Rose Curtain Players, under the direction of Carolyn Greer, performed their debut of Peter and the Starcatcher, a Tony Award-winning musical comedy about how a young orphan became Peter Pan. The cast and crew had been preparing this production since December, and it took over 40 students, parents, and teachers to help bring Peter and the Starcatcher to the stage. Keeashia Castlen, who played the role of Hawking Clam, says the rehearsals were “hectic, tiresome, and extremely busy.” However, Castlen reassures she loved being part of the show. “My favorite part of being in Peter and the Starcatcher was getting close to new people,” She says. “I loved all the funny moments we shared together as a group.”

Parker Medley, an attendee of Peter and the Starcatcher and a member of Greer’s theatre class, says he liked the show so much he decided to volunteer as an usher so he could experience seeing the production again. “I can’t pick my favorite part of the show,” He says. “I loved the performance of every cast member.” Parker also says seeing Peter and the Starcatcher made him want to audition for the next show, as long as it’s not a musical.

Peter and the Starcatcher was not OHS’s only big production this year, and it is certainly not their last. Earlier this year at the Riverpark Center, the Rose Curtain Players performed The Complete Works of William Shakespeare (Abridged Revised), a three-man show starring Forest Clark, Hayden Elliot, and Tucker Greer. Before the school year is through, the theatre department will also perform William Shakespeare’s comedy Much Ado About Nothing in April, and four different one-act plays in May.


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Journalism I: Photo of the Day

by Kasey Estes (11)
Two teams (Left to right, Rosemary Bland, Tyler Jean, Kasey Estes, and Arturo Flores on team one, and Jesse Hibbs, Aaron Veach, John Bland, Anthony Kessinger, and Shaun Brumley) prepare to go head on in a Dagorhir event. Oar’s Rest, the Dagorhir chapter of Owensboro, holds biweekly Battle Gaming practices at Moreland Park, and welcomes visitors and new prospective members.17097611_1415012545206828_4678170001073520282_o

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