All the Braking News episodes up to date. Relive all the exciting specials, from mourning the long lost booths to finding out which water fountain is Brake approved.


Ep. 1: Guide to Water Fountain Survival

Ep. 2: Truth v. Thurman

Ep. 3: Booths Circa ??? – 2016

Ep. 4: Sadie Hawkins Etiquette

Ep. 5: ASVAB was just AS BAD

Ep. 6: Bullying Awareness

Ep. 7: Person or Politician

Ep. 8: Mannequin Challenge and Devil Togetherness

Ep. 9: Ghost Stories of OHS

Ep. 10: A Red Devil Christmas

Ep. 11: Deck the Halls of OHS

*Winter Brake No Episode*

Ep. 12: Brake’s Resolutions

Ep. 13: Here We Glow Again

Ep. 14: Brake Takes DC




Milk Day:

Drama v. Sports: