Taking a Stand

Though the  violence that erupted in Charlottesville, Virginia last weekend is old news by today’s standards, the issue is far from over. More than 30 people were injured and 3 people were killed in connection to the “Unite the Right” rally. This event has set a clear image of America today: absolute turmoil. There is no doubt that we, as Americans, need to do something to stand up for the equal treatment of all it’s citizens. The only question left to answer is, how do the citizens of the United States of America plan to make this adjustment to society?

 So many people are now living in fear, including young Americans. We fear the turmoil of the country we are set to inherit. When young Americans are the future, they shouldn’t be living in worry about when the next riot is going to break out, or when and if nuclear war will happen. The first step is to make peace amongst ourselves. 

The bottom line is, what happened in Charlottesville was a tragedy, and things definitely need to change if anyone wants to see unity again in this country. For things to change, though, everyone needs to take a stand for human rights and safety. It starts with you. Pay attention to the news. Talk about it with adults and your peers. Don’t turn a blind eye to all that is happening. As Ghandi said, “Be the change you want to see in the world”.

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