Moving on Out ….to 54

Since school started in August, Highway 54 has attracted multiple stores and businesses. People on 54 are surely not complaining.

Tabor Payne, junior, who’s lived on 54 for multiple years, feels it has become more convenient for him and his family. “It’s the new Frederica,” Payne says.

The newest addition to 54 was Popeye’s Chicken. The arrival was with positive responses.

When Popeye’s opened up this past summer, “the traffic was ridiculous,” 54 resident Alexis Dubè, senior, said.

The construction and improvement are constantly happening. As of right now, there is a new big project breaking ground.

The Gateway Commons project is a 260-acre project will give Highway 54 a police source, fire station, and a sanitation service.

The plans include retail, restaurant, entertainment space including a movie theater and bowling alley, office space, two 150 room hotels, and numerous residential units.

The new plan has come with positive reactions from the student body. Many students were eager for their choice of restaurant.

“I normally go twice a week to babysit, but I would go more if they had a Whole Foods,” Lily Hall, senior, said.

Suggestions range from a new Chic Fil A to Cheesecake Factory.

“I personally would like a Gattitown to come,” parent volunteer Megan Hunt.

Desires for food didn’t always come with a positive opinion.  While Hunt would love a Gattitown she also thinks we have “enough retail.” Kilah Wells, senior, responded to Hunt with, “I would like to have a new nature area, but not a park.”

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