Washington DC Recap

by Hannah Wilson, 11

Every year, the OHS Social Studies department organizes a trip for upperclassmen to visit New York City or Washington D.C. This past weekend, teachers Jay Fallin, Cody Russelburg, Lori Thurman and fifty junior and senior students traveled to Washington D.C. for the 45th Presidential Inauguration. The group was gone Wednesday through Sunday; they departed Wednesday night, traveling through the night and straight to D.C. to start the adventures the next morning.

The group started off by visiting the Iwo Jima Memorial and attended the Changing of the Guard, the elaborate ceremony during which soldiers or other guarding officials at The Tomb of the Unknown Soldier are replaced. They also visited the John F. Kennedy and Jackie Kennedy Gravesite before grabbing lunch, gift shopping, and exploring a few of the many Smithsonian Museums. After the long day, the group retired to the hotel to eat dinner and gather to play card games including “Up Your Giggy”, a tradition for the trip.DC3

Early Friday morning, the group woke up in order to ride the Washington Metro to the capitol for the Presidential Inauguration. After navigating the sea of attendees and protesters, the group arrived at 9:30 with tickets to find a good view of the ceremony in which Donald Trump would become the 45th President of the United States. Regardless of political views, students said they felt lucky to be a part of the historical moment and was able to recognize the importance of it. Senior Hayden Elliott describes the event saying, “it was definitely an eye-opening experience.”

Saturday morning, the group traveled to take photos at the White House and the Washington Memorial and witnessed the beginning of the largest protest in American history, the Women’s March on Washington. Later, they visited the HolocDC2aust Museum and honored the lives lost during the tragic event before navigating the city’s streets which were packed with marchers everywhere you looked to explore a few memorials. The group had great fun walking, taking photos, and admiring the monuments including the Lincoln, Martin Luther
King Jr., Vietnam, Korea, and World War II Memorials. However, most of the attention was drawn to the sea of pink hats and colorful signs filling the streets during the Women’s March. The historic event’s crowd trapped the group’s tour bus but allowed students to witness history being made and appreciate the cause. Senior Lily Hall said, “the Women’s March was truly eye opening. I loved seeing so much love and support for women’s rights and I’m really glad I got to experience it.” Once the group was able to escape the crowd, they departed for the long trip back home.

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