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Coming this Friday (November 4th, 2016) is a new source of entertainment, brand new to the city of Owensboro. It’s called Escape Today. Escape Today is a game where a team of 2-10 people work together in order to complete a series of challenges. These challenges include riddles, locks, and a lot of thinking among the people attempting to escape. The team is given up to an hour to escape an assigned room, and if the time runs out, you fail the challenge. If you love a good mystery movie than this is the place for you.


Escape Today will be opening a new room every week beginning with “Kidnapped.” The situation is this: You’ve been taken alive, and you have to locate where you are on a map so a helicopter can come to your rescue. You are given one hour to use everything in you room to unlock crates and discover clues than might help you escape. Jenna Hunt, senior at OHS, says “The Escape Today is great for the city, providing something fun to do on the weekends for all ages.”


Rooms that will be added on in the later weeks are “Cold War”, “Buried Alive”, and “Pyramid Peril.” In the “Cold War” room, you are in the mid 20th century and your task is to find clues in order to defuse a bomb in less than one hour before it explodes and potentially stopping a nuclear war. “Buried alive” is a task for two people. Each person is placed in a coffin and in separate rooms and clues located in a room help the opposite person escape and vice versa. Lastly, “pyramid peril” will test your ancient history knowledge and teamwork. You and your team are lost in an Egyptian wasteland after getting lost, and trying to escape before your team sinks in the desert sands.


OHS alumni David Haynes, founder of Escape Today,  invited me to the first room that will be up and running this Friday, “Kidnapped.” It was a great experience and just what the city of Owensboro has needed for a while now. I can say I am very excited for the upcoming escape rooms that will be added at a later date, so go try it out for yourself. It costs $25 a person and is located on Emory Drive in the Emory Center also located near McDonalds in Wesleyan Park Plaza. So go try it for yourself, you will not be disappointed.



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  1. I think that this is a really cool thing that has came to owensboro, we were in need of something more interesting to do when we have nothing else to do. I just don’t like how it costs 25$ per person, a little to expensive for my taste.

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