A World Series for the Books

Indians and Cubs in the World Series? That is something you will not hear every day. The teams split the first 2 games in Cleveland 1-1. Now it is time for Chicago to host games 3 and 4. It has been a while since either of these teams have been at the fall classic. So long in fact, that tonight is the first televised world series game at Wrigley field in Chicago.

The Cubs haven’t been in the World Series since 1945. That more than 70 years since an appearance to the championship series. For the Indians it hasn’t been as long as the Cubbies -with their last appearance in 1997.  Even with those World Series appearances, neither of them have had a championship north of 1950. The Cubs haven’t had a championship won since 1908.

OHS has its fair share of Cubs fans.  Ryan Wrigley (seriously, that’s his middle name..) Hodges says, “I am so excited to see the Cubs in the World Series. It’s something I could have never pictured. Cubs in 6. Fly the W.”  Hodges explained that the phrase “Fly the W” symbolizes the W flag the cubs would raise in the pre-social media era to let fans know that the Cubs won that day. Another rabid Cubs fan, Mr. Todd Harper, says,  “I am very glad to see them in the series, very happy that my cubbies are playing some good baseball right now.”  How does a man from Henderson, Kentucky grow up being a fan of the Cubs? Harper responded, “Growing up watching them on WGN was a channel that always had the Cubs game on. I loved watching them play and my favorite player was Andre Dawson. I have just stuck with them since then.”

It’s been quite a year in Cleveland. A 52-year drought with no championships won was broken by the Cleveland Cavaliers. Now Cleveland is trying to go back to back with Indians and Cavaliers. The biggest Indians supporters are the Cavaliers and especially Cleveland’s “Golden Child” LeBron James. With the great fan bases of both teams, whoever breaks their drought in this fall classic is going to be talked about longer than the average World Series win.

I will leave you with my prediction which is Cleveland Indians in 7. Leave YOUR predictions in the comments, or Tweet us @digitaldevil1.

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