When One Door Closes, There Won’t Be Another to Open

As Owensboro High School Students filled the hallways after Winter Break, they might noticed a recent interior renovation. Over the break, the doors were removed from all the boys bathrooms. After the initial surprise and confusion, students wanted to know why the removal of bathroom doors was deemed necessary by administration.

Just as with all his decisions, Mr. DeLacey did not decide this on a whim. After analyzing recent trends in school safety, Mr. DeLacey says he realized that all updated school bathrooms were being built without traditional doors. These updated bathrooms are built so that there would be a wall blocking the sight of bathroom stalls in order to maintain privacy.

During an interview with Mr. DeLacey, said, “Our school does not have the newest bathrooms; however, it is still important for us to keep up with school safety trends.”

Also, during the fall semester, boys congregating in the bathroom during class time was becoming a prevalent issue. Mr. DeLacey says the administration  wanted to find a way to deter students from doing this. As always, his main concern was still to make sure he kept his school safe.

Because of this realization, Mr. DeLacey and his administrative team began investigating how to update our bathroom’s while still maintaining privacy. They started by looking at sight lines that would become visible if they took down the doors. After assessing this, they determined that taking down the boys’ bathroom doors would be possible without disrupting their privacy.

Mr. DeLacey defends his choice by sharing his decision making process. “Whenever I make a decision, I always take my students into account. I want to do what will be best for my school as a whole.”

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