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Taking a Stand

Though the  violence that erupted in Charlottesville, Virginia last weekend is old news by today’s standards, the issue is far from over. More than 30 people were injured and 3 people were killed in connection to the “Unite the Right” rally. This event has set a clear image of America today: absolute turmoil. There is […]

College Jitters

The time is almost here for OHS seniors, the day where their whole lives change, graduation. Starting freshman year, the day of finally leaving this place stays on the mind of most every student. When senior year begins nothing is more looked forward to than walking that line. What happens when you leave though? How […]

Exam Exemptions

By: Ahmad Wilson, Josh Kelly & Tripp Grenier The new exemption policy is better academically but came a little late for students to be better prepared. The changes punish people in advanced placement and college courses. Last year’s policy stated that regardless of the grade, if you had your fees paid you could exempt your electives […]

Red Devil Newcomer

For many, starting school this year was like any other. You get all of your new school supplies and try to mentally prepare for the new year. For me, it was a little more complicated. After living in Franklin, Kentucky for 5 years, my family decided to pack up and move to Owensboro. At a […]