Moving on Out ….to 54

Since school started in August, Highway 54 has attracted multiple stores and businesses. People on 54 are surely not complaining. Tabor Payne, junior, who’s lived on 54 for multiple years, feels it has become more convenient for him and his family. “It’s the new Frederica,” Payne says. The newest addition to 54 was Popeye’s Chicken. The […]

What about Thanksgiving?

Just imagine not having Thanksgiving. No more Thanksgiving break, sitting in front of the television watching the football game, or eating your tradition dinner. That where society seems to be headed. More and more people go from giving out Halloween candy to putting up their Christmas tree. Many  businesses and families seem to forget about […]

Family Affair

It isn’t a normal dinner conversation when one of your parents says, “I want to run for city office.” For four OHS students, that statement came a year ago. Students Tatum Helm, 12, Jackie Gesser, 11, Lucy Decker, 11, and Noah Velotta, 11, all quickly became swarmed with the stressful life, as Gesser said, of […]

The Winning Subject

After a tough last half of the football season, many Kentucky fans are excited to move on to basketball season. In just two exhibition games at Rupp, Kentucky has averaged 114 points and allowed an average of 58 points. Despite these tremendous numbers, Kentucky has not played the toughest of opponents considering their wins are […]