Real Wheels of OHS

By Dylan Rogers (12) Having a way of transportation is a key thing for high school students. Whether it be car, bus, or even using your own two feet.. it’s all efficient.  However, for some students have a sense of pride behind having their own ride. In fact, there are three students here at OHS […]

Washington DC Recap

by Hannah Wilson, 11 Every year, the OHS Social Studies department organizes a trip for upperclassmen to visit New York City or Washington D.C. This past weekend, teachers Jay Fallin, Cody Russelburg, Lori Thurman and fifty junior and senior students traveled to Washington D.C. for the 45th Presidential Inauguration. The group was gone Wednesday through […]

Rave Review

by Jenna Hunt, 12 On Friday the 13th, Owensboro High School threw its very first Rave Dance.  A Rave is something the senior class has been begging for since their freshman year. Their prayers were finally answered when the PSTO decided it would be a good idea to use the rave as a fundraising opportunity. […]