Senior Series II

“Coming into high school I had always heard stories from my brother and sister about their high school experiences and I imagined mine would be like theirs,” Megan Cannon starts. Over her four years as an OHS Red Devil, she has had several experiences, each year was something different for Cannon, but something that always […]

Moving on Out ….to 54

Since school started in August, Highway 54 has attracted multiple stores and businesses. People on 54 are surely not complaining. Tabor Payne, junior, who’s lived on 54 for multiple years, feels it has become more convenient for him and his family. “It’s the new Frederica,” Payne says. The newest addition to 54 was Popeye’s Chicken. The […]

Family Affair

It isn’t a normal dinner conversation when one of your parents says, “I want to run for city office.” For four OHS students, that statement came a year ago. Students Tatum Helm, 12, Jackie Gesser, 11, Lucy Decker, 11, and Noah Velotta, 11, all quickly became swarmed with the stressful life, as Gesser said, of […]

March On

As a member of an art form you have made the silent pack to commit a lot of practice time to your talent. In band, there is the infamous band camp and then never-ending band practices. 8-year member, Cordel Moorman knows this process all too well. He says he joined in his 5th grade year. […]

Guard With Your Heart

Relationships are never accidental. For color guard co-captain Jessica Statts, it introduced her to something that changed her high school career and, more importantly, her life. Statts started her freshmen year with many friends in band. “I loved the people in band,” Statts says. Then at the start of her junior year, she and her […]